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Staff Augmentation

Based on inSync Staffing's conversations with VMS program managers about their wish list for the ideal staff augmentation firm, we have developed the capability to supply most all job categories, to most all industries, in most all US locations.

Staffing Capabilities: Job Categories, Industries, and Locations


Accounting and Finance
Customer Service


Banking/Financial Services
Business Services
Consumer Products
Engineering Services
Food and Beverage
Healthcare/Pharma/Medical Device
Social Media

Locations: National Coverage

We provide employees in all 50 states. Our technology allows us to build pipelines of qualified candidates quickly. We have a database of over 7 million candidates.

Payroll Services

inSync Staffing also provides payroll services for candidates pre-identified by our customers through channels and referrals who need to be onboarded as temporary employess.

Payrolling Case Study

inSync staffing was approached by an MSP customer who manages the contingent workforce for an international logistics/shipping company to ask if we could provide payroll services for a holiday season ramp.

Our client mentioned that the key to success would be the ability to quickly on-board identified candidates (i.e. complete background, I9/E-Verify process, all required new hire employment documents and obtain client specific paperwork) in a timely manner.

We created a team comprised of Customer Relationship Managers and On-Boarding Specialists who successfully on-boarded 1500 seasonal employees in 49 states with no mistakes.

The volume far exceeded our expectations. When we asked about the increase in volume, our customer said it was mainly due to two factors:
1) Our customer started to favor inSync over others due to our ability to on-board candidates more efficiently than the other payroll providers, and
2) many seasonal employees requested to be aligned to inSync due to our practice of paying accurately each week.

2017 Facts and Figures

13.8% total revenue increase

Placed 2,900 employees in 49 states

Job categories supported include Acct/Finance, Administration, Customer Service, Engineering/IT, LI/MFG, Professional & Scientific

Billing at 100 distinct programs

7 million active candidates in database

Case Study: inSync as payrolling Employer of Record for company with seasonal hiring needs
1) Since 2016 inSync has been payrolling referred employees for a multinational transportation and logistics company.
2) We average about 1200 payrolls each year with about 75% of them added during Q4 peak holiday hiring season.
3) During the months of October and November we typically on-board between 50-100 new employees each week.
4) Time reporting done by using the MSP’s VMS tool that integrates with our ATS to upload approved time each Monday to pay each Friday.
5) All employees have been on-boarded with 100% compliance to client’s requirements.  

Case Study: inSync as payrolling Employer of Recordworking directly with client using our ATS Technology
1) Approached by our client in March 2018 to on-board 250 1099 individuals at a company they were acquiring.
2) Determined that the individuals should be correctly classified as W2 employees and on-boarded all of them as inSync employees in April 2018 in 5 different locations in CA and NY.
3) Utilize a mobile timekeeping app integrated to feed our ATS to pay our employees weekly.
4) Set up shared Google form for new hire and termination notices and shared Google Spreadsheet for our onboarding/compliance team to track on-boarding items that can viewed in real time by client.
5) Billing: $5.1 Million in 2018, $9 Million projected for 2019

How we do it

Capacity to quickly on-board identified candidates in a timely manner

Use technology to create efficiencies for sourcing, on-boarding, and compliance

Be 100% compliant on all audits

Listen to our customers

Maintain financial strength to handle growth

Provide a dedicated single point of contact for your PMO team

Why Should You Choose Us?

inSync has the infrastructure, processes, and experience in place to successfully provide both staff augmentation and payroll services nationally. Our staff is all US based and is committed to exceeding our customer's expectations.