VMS/MSP Companies

VMS/MSP Companies


inSync Staffing’s Payroll Capabilities

A U.S. based on-boarding and customer support team

What we do:

We focus on sourcing and recruiting for temporary/contract positions, as well as provide payroll services for candidates pre-identified by our customers through channels and referrals that need to be onboarded on a temporary basis as consultants.

Case Study: UPS

  • inSync created a team comprised of Customer Relationship Managers and On-Boarding Specialists
  • On-boarded 1500 seasonal employees within two months with no mistakes
  • Displayed our ability to on-board efficiently and pay our employees on time
  • 2016 Facts and Figures:
    • 13.8% total revenue increase over 2015
    • Placed 2,900 employees in 49 states
    • Job categories supported include Acct/Finance, Administration, Customer Service, Engineering/IT, LI/MFG, Professional, Scientific
    • Billing at 90 distinct programs
    • 6.3 million active candidates in database
  • How we do it:
    • Capacity to quickly on-board identified candidates in a timely manner
    • Use technology to create efficiencies for sourcing, on-boarding, and compliance
    • Be 100% compliant on all audits
    • Listen to our customers
    • Maintain financial strength to handle growth
    • Provide a dedicated single point of contact throughout the project
  • Why Should You Choose Us?
    • inSync has the infrastructure, processes, and experience in place to successfully provide payroll services nationally, as well as the desire to exceed all customers’ expectations.

    Locations: National Coverage
    We provide employees in all 50 states. Our technology allows us to build pipelines of qualified candidates quickly. We have a database of over 5.5 million candidates.


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